Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Webcomic T-Shirt Promotion Link

These folks put an ad on one of my sites, and I saw immediately that any webcomic selling t-shirts should know about them.

The real genius of  T-Shirt Review Blog may be that the author has figured out a swell way to get people to send him free t-shirts, but reading the text confirms he cruises the web for shirts and doesn't simply review swag.

If you're selling T-shirts to support your comic, check out the site. They host square Project Wonderful ads, so you could run an ad for your store. Traffic is under 50/day, which is bad, but the ads are cheap, which is good. If they start updating more regularly they could see a big increase.

The site is  heavily illustrated and linked, and allows you to search by price.

Updates are erratic: sometimes a bunch in a day, then nothing for three weeks. There is a feed, so you can simply subscribe instead of checking for updates all the time.