Friday, June 6, 2008


A while back I gave a shock to the authors of Ripeville and Chloroville. They're humor strips starring fruit and vegetables with an amazing resemblance, and the creators knew nothing of each other or the others' strip until my review.

You can revisit my post, featuring art from both, here.

Today I found a new coincidence -- and it involves me. Liesl Adams' On the Edge and my comic Li'l Nyet, both feature red demons, short of stature and big in attitude. What I didn't know until today was that Liesl's demon is named "Mr. Negative." My own, Nyet, is the Russian word for "no."

Also notable is that my wife, Pug, who does our art, admires Liesl's style. Though neither of us has read On the Edge, it's been on my "get to" list for a while, though now of course I'm terrified to read it. How far will the resemblance extend between our strip and Liesl's? If there's a Labrador Retriever or a pair of Russian Blue cats in On the Edge, I'll have to invest in the expensive new edition of Ideas Worth Stealing.