Saturday, June 7, 2008

Russian Blues: Cartooning's Double Agents

Click to enlarge the illustrations.
Top: Russian Blue sisters Natasha and Katrinka duke it out in Scratchin Post.
Bottom: Russian Blue siblings Ebenezer and Snooch duke it out in Two Lumps.

No sooner did I finish yesterday's post about resemblances between one of my comics and someone else's than a friend sent me links to Two Lumps: The Misadventures of Ebenezer and Snooch by James L. Grant and Mel Hynes. I was stunned to discover the strip features Russian Blue cat siblings, as does my other comic, Scratchin Post.

I wonder how Katrinka and Natasha of Scratchin Post would mix with Ebenezer and Snooch? I think it would require Tolstoy to sort it all out.

For the curious, Russian has photos. A very interesting breed, but I warn you, comrade, they will rule your house with an iron paw.

Thanks to Random Ravings of Warcraft for telling me about Two Lumps. That's a Warcraft gaming site, btw.