Thursday, June 5, 2008

Now for Something Completely Different...

Top: I couldn't resist including this paper recreation of "Duck Hunt," 
a Nintendo game popular when I was a teen. By Kapout.

Middle: Ayami, by Mabinogi Guild.

Bottom: These are props to match a Playstation 3 game called 
"Everybody Together," which has a talk show theme. From Toro.

Click on the images for more information.

Yesterday's essay was long and serious, so today will be short and fun.

I recently encountered Paperkraft, a blog about making cool stuff with folded paper -- mostly commercially prepared kits for the specialty and tie-in markets. It's amazing how "cartoony" many of the finished works are.

It reminds me of a paper Vinyl Pulse, the toy design blog I wrote about a while back.

Paper toy artisanship has risen to levels far higher than many of us realized. The majority seems to originate in Japan, and often ties in to a TV show or video game. To think I thought only Chris Ware does this stuff.

The Paperkraft blog updates every day. It's an excellent, expertly prepared theme blog which will hold anyone's attention, and those of us addicted to the cartoony arts will be lost for hours. I love it.

I found it via EntreCard, by the way, which prompts me to mention that there are still 3000 credit bonuses to those web comics who join in time. See my posts from May 22 and after for details. You can see the current roster here. Welcome to newest members Misfile, Best Band in the Universe, Contraband and Y2Christ-Lite.