Friday, May 2, 2008

You May Know Someone on this List

The majority of comics on the "Klink, You Idiot" list are actually authors I want to talk to. Others are ghost ships, abandoned and not purged by the host. Some are really rotten, replacing their comics with ads for their consulting firms.

Online Comics in particular is riddled with rubbish listings. Presumably this will be fixed when it merges into ComicSpace this summer. In fact, housekeeping seems in decline at most of the larger hosts. Come to think of it, I've never noticed a written housekeeping policy at any of them.

There are now about 125 Klinked Comics at Klink, You Idiot, and I've started adding host names and names of some authors, as well as more details about the offense, major or minor.

If we want a vibrant web comics community, we have to deal with quality of life issues just like in the real world. Trying to browse comics, only to hit dead links, swapped sites and other junk makes us look like we do not care.