Saturday, May 3, 2008

Comics Blogs on Psychedelic Tree House

I've made a decision that may cause my brain to explode like a cantaloupe dropped off the Chrysler Building.

Instead of just listing the blogs devoted to covering web comics at my web comics mega-theme park, Psychedelic Tree House, I'm adding expanded listings with more detail and illustration.

This wouldn't be so bad if it was just a matter of the dozen or so blogs covering web comics, but I have conceded that other comics blogs need to be included too, in their own section. This is because some of them provide notable web comic coverage, and others are written by people whose opinions carry weight in the comics community. There needs to be a quick way to identify these people, and I think I have found a method that will suffice in the interim. A final reason for bringing aboard our print brethren is that they know a thing or two about, well, print, and many of us appearing online entertain notions of printing our work and getting some trees up off their asses.

If you do a comics blog of any type and it is on one of the mega-lists, I will find it, but this is your chance to influence what is printed about you and your work. Go to my site, examine the work in progress, and consider sending me comparable information about your own effort, including logos, illustrations and photos of yourself reading comics when you were supposed to be in church. You're about to get substantial free real estate and links on a site with rapidly growing traffic, and you could make the most of it.

Web comic blogs are under construction here: Web Comic Blogs
General comics blogs are taking shape here: Print Comics Blogs

Don't be alarmed by the construction mess.


Pass this on to your comics blogging friends. Thanks.