Thursday, May 1, 2008

Decline at Comics Genesis

Tony Mansourian's My Life is Terrible defected from ComicsGenesis the other day, leaving behind a page of sour remarks.

I am starting to dislike CG almost as much as Drunk Duck, because they make it miserable for artists to share their work with me for reviews and such. The reasoning is they want to stop bandwidth theft, which may be legitimate. However, my on-again, off-again access to art that has been approved in writing by the artist for an article is a pain. I have to go back to the artist and ask them to make copies, or dig through their archives, and waste time. It takes a lot of cheek to block me from art which I have written explicit and specific permission for use, and CG does not.

The result? I now recommend avoiding ComicGenesis. The slow server is a nuisance too. These are good people, let's hope they make corrections.

More and more, my advice is, make your own site, even if it's with a free host like Synthasite, and wait to see what Joey Manley and Josh Roberts produce with ComicSpace II, this summer. Meanwhile, network like crazy with others like yourself, and consider a collective. Get into Rampage if you can.