Friday, March 13, 2009

Will Maneggs be Huge?

Maneggs is an eye-catching new webcomic, and I wouldn't be surprised to see it take off.

It's mostly cynical, clever or surreal single or double panels, with varying art styles. What hurts it is that while many are well inside the Perry Bible Fellowship quality zone, there are a few episodes that are much weaker. I'll invoke my high school art teacher, and suggest more culling.

People will visit even an infrequent strip when the humor is excellent, and this site should be able to set its own pacing if it can maintain high quality. The portfolio is a little too small to forecast what's coming, and the site lacks amenities like "About" pages to clue us. Creator, origin of the name and related stuff is all a mystery. By intention or inadvertent omission, I can't say.

It's a shame to reduce the size, but let's let the comics speak for themselves. Click to enlarge.

I love this play on the familiar finale:

Here's another that shows the stylistic range:

I omitted some favorites because the Blogger platform would spoil them. Check them out at the site.

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