Monday, March 16, 2009

Re-Reading Webcomics

What webcomics do you re-read?

I think there are few better markers of a comic's quality and durability than whether people read it more than once.

Perhaps you share some of my challenges with re-reading webcomics: there are more titles than I can read even once, so re-reading is hard.

My favorite place to read comics is bed. I like to lie down while I am still quite awake and read as long as I can. Until the proper hand held device comes along, webcomics don't make the trip. I like to draw in bed too, so I can't practice other webcomic artists' techniques.

I'm surprised no one is bundling comics for the latest Kindle, but the monochrome screen is probably a deal breaker.

I have to remind myself sometimes that most webcomics are read sitting in a chair. I find it remarkable that so many people do this, but then, it does beat editing the quarterly audit returns.

When I do re-read, it's often segments. I look at a single panel in Ant Guy, or study how tension is used in Ugly Girl. I often browse fantasy titles that I don't read for the ornate art. I look at science fiction titles to see the tension between claustrophobia (space suit, capsule) and agoraphobia (solar system, galaxy, universe).

Pug and I consciously create our comics for re-reading. This may create a clash with those who come for light-hearted amusement and then on to the next title, but I like to incorporate levels of richness so that return visits are rewarded with additional humor and meaning. When someone asks me to script a couple of gag panels, I'm suddenly less at ease and kind of spastic.

What webcomics have you re-read, and why?

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