Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Sharing Efforts for Carla, Lance and Karen

If you follow webcomic news, you've heard about fire that struck cartoonist Karen Ellis, destroying her home and belongings, and killing her neighbor. Perhaps you've been able to make a donation to help her.

Here is another story you should know about. I've been following Carla, aka Cyberpilate, on Twitter, since the beginning. I don't know her well, but I enjoy what she shares. She works in a comic book store. And she loves comics beyond description. I love her enthusiasm.

Well, we all get distracted, and I knew there was a fire in Carla's house, but she didn't complain and I personally never made the mental jump that she and her husband have been in the burn hospital for months. Like Karen Ellis, they lost everything, and yet -- not everything. They too have friends helping, and each other.

Times are tough -- for some of us, really tough -- but for those in a position to think of Carla and Lance, as a tribute to the readers who support our work, can we possibly make an effort?

I think there are enough of us to make a difference for Karen, Carla and Lance.

Here is contact info and details regarding Lance and Carla. The news stories alone are unbelievable.

I know none of these people want charity, but they have been through Hell, and if you can't afford a donation, drop a line of encouragement, or just spread the word on your site. All webcomics people should at least know the story of this couple: the husband who shielded his wife from flames with his own body, the wife, a huge fan of comics, whose mention of the incident was so mild it went over my head for months. And of course our colleague Karen Ellis, who will be forced to endure the mental recovery that follows these events. I can tell you, from my experience being trapped under the car of a speeding crackhead 18 months ago, that the mental wounds are often the worst part -- and my body is still healing! Keep these people in mind beyond this week. Invest what you can in their future, for their future is our future, and we are the better for them.