Friday, January 16, 2009

What Were the Odds?

Three things I was fairly confident about:

- None of the subjects of my last post would have the cajones to respond in a timely manner;

- The really hard challenge I ran the other day would send readers fleeing (I have nothing to offer for it either);

- Any illusion of cartoonist solidarity for a colleague under the gun would be confirmed by a big yawn. I'm referring to the Colombian coffee growers. I heard that some people fired off emails, but I'm not political, and launching something like this is where I get off. Others have to pick it up, link it, post it, etc.

****************************UPDATE: LAWSUIT DROPPED****************************
If you send a letter, you might express your appreciation and admire the sudden wisdom.

While cartoonists in Denmark reprint Allah cartoons every time some hothead threatens one of their own, we can't seem to muster the measly response that would probably win this thing. Never underestimate the other side, but this is such a slam dunk that failing to act is shameful. If I was Bob Geldoff, I'd get you revved up, but this is one where cartoonists have to make the decision personally, not because they were cajoled. Thinking selfishly for a moment, a vigorous response and quick victory would have been a story in itself, putting webcomics in the news. (You do not have to worry about me appointing myself spokesman, but I'd be glad to help assemble talking points for a telegenic volunteer living in a major media market.)

You know that bit about "when they come for you?" A lot of cartoonists are apparently really sure that's never going to happen, so I am going to start coming for you. If you let Mike Peters down, I am going to replace your tablet pen with one with a broken nib. Then I am going to take you to IHOP and force you to tell me all your drawing techniques while I eat buttermilk pancakes and chew with my mouth open.

Rarely is two minutes of your time likely to help so much so easily, and be in aid of a cartoonist.