Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Colombian Coffee Growers Harass Cartoonist

I figure the best way to thwart frivolous lawsuits and terrorists is to reprint comics that they want suppressed. Maybe others will like that notion and join in.

This episode of "Mother Goose and Grim" by Mike Peters has triggered a $20 million suit by The Federation of Columbian Coffee Growers. You know them for "Juan Valdez." They claim the cartoon harms "the intellectual heritage," according to an article in Daily Cartoonist.

Here is a simple form you can use to let Juan Valdez know about your Colombian coffee-drinking plans for the duration of the offensive. I bet as few as several dozen polite, honest emails will cause a rethinking. They've paid a lot of money to build their brand: show them how fast loyalty unravels when that brand tries to bully a cartoonist.

Feel free to lift and reprint this article anywhere, with or without attribution. The above comic can be found in the Daily Cartoonist link.