Saturday, January 10, 2009

New Webcomic Game at Webcomics Inc

I've pretty much given up shopping ideas for webcomic games, as most of them are greeted with wide-open displays of molars and uvulas. The people at Webcomics Inc. came up with their own, a webcomic-title version of Hangman, that is bound to trip you up sooner or later, if only for the inclusion of a few titles that aren't even webcomics (e.g. Space Doubles). A nifty feature: win a game and you can submit the name of your own comic for inclusion.

I've thought for some time that certain game scenarios based on comics could add to the destination appeal of comics sites, though to date, no one has agreed. Some of my ideas, are, in retrospect, awful, but I've kept a list. If anyone wants to build a game about comics but is hurting for ideas, get in touch.


Apparently everyone has dashed off to play Webcomic Hangman .