Monday, December 8, 2008

What Your Index Finger Can and Cannot Do

Psychedelic Treehouse has a new INDEX. Most of the significant subjects discussed in the giant webcomics reference site have been entered.

Are you in it?

Not many individuals are, but it will continue to populate. Especially if you create something good about making webcomics.

The index does not include the 2000+ webcomic titles listed on the site. They're already an index of themselves.

The index should make it much easier to find information on specific topics. I am also hoping it will make it easier for people to spot errors, items needing improvement and missing essentials.

It's not quite the community-edited site that a Wiki is, but to reach our goals, we are quite dependent on user reactions and comments. You can criticize away without worrying about hurting our feelings, because it's never done.

Brilliant, eh?