Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Attack of the Clones

I see a problem developing.

As the WordPress/ComicPress platform becomes more popular for webcomics, a lot of people are creating home pages that look like other people's home pages.

The calendars, links and other standard stuff in the columns is the main giveaway.

Regardless of your skills and priorities, this is going to mark you.

A big part of your challenge is to build credibility with your audience -- that you will update and stick with your comic. Sticking with the entry level page layout makes you seem amateurish. Less committed.

I understand it requires programming skill that many of us lack. That's one reason I use a different platform. But it is a useful product, and you should get the most out of it.

I don't want to make friends and colleagues feel any more frustrated, so I offer answers.

There are people on the web who are prepared to help you. Good people, who would never do anything low or sneaky.

One is my friend Kez . You've seen her on this page before. 

AWSOM is one I know little about, but their site is literate and friendly, which is a good sign of competence. They have tutorials, from WP set-up to advanced.

Find out what it will take to give your site the polished, professional look. Or, for now, just get yourself out of being jammed up.

For the record, I saw Samantha's post on Twitter while I was in the middle of not writing this. Having experienced the same blazing frustration a few times, I wanted to remind everyone they are not alone with the fantasies of computer defenestration. You all know Samantha from her comic Random Assembly. Why not catch up on her work, and drop her an email? Tis the season for love bombs.