Monday, December 15, 2008

Most Popular Webcomic Title First Words

This is minor but interesting. A while back I wrote a piece offering considerations when naming a webcomic. I said that "Adventures of" was well used and perhaps should be avoided.

Fellow blogger Larry "El Santo" Cruz of Webcomic Overlook commented that "adventures of" got his mouth watering and that he finds it an appealing title regardless.

In the interest of putting way too fine a point on it, I decided to see what words most frequently start comic titles. For this exercise, I ignored "a" and "the." I considered plural and singular forms to be the same.

Here's the count:

adventures of - 13
bad/badly - 6
bear - 6
black - 6
broken - 6
dark - 7
end - 5
geek(s) - 6
god(s) - 6
good - 6
just - 9
life - 10
little - 6
my - 12
no - 7
one - 12
red - 7
super - 5
tale(s) - 11
this - 6
world - 9

runners up: brain, off

This doesn't prove much of anything. The only curious one is "bear." We're pretty loaded up with "geek," too, for a word that wasn't used much not long ago. Since my count, one "geek" webcomic title has gone on hiatus.

Still, it might inform a few title choices and it's interesting to see. Maybe I'll check back down the road and see what changes.