Saturday, November 8, 2008

Today's Sequential Art Racing Form

The Crown Prince hits 200 - See below
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Comics finding their way to iPhone/iTunes distribution are being gathered into groups by aggregators of various sorts.

Some of these firms are concerned about ratings and child-appropriateness issues. Now might be a good time to get your comic evaluated by Family Web Comics , whose ratings carry credibility. Because they are a small volunteer project, it could really hold you up if you need a rating and don't have it, so unless you do a 17+ comic, you might want to apply now.

I'd like to recommend you shoot them a donation for their service. They don't charge, but they are likely to get buried and they have expenses. I'm serious about this -- I don't push the donation cup often, but this is one time when it is highly appropriate. I'm sure you realize I have nothing to do with the site, and I haven't been asked; it just seems the right thing to do.

Our comic Scratchin Post went through the process and came out the other end rated age 10+. In other words, my peer group.
Short items:

One under-used feature of Project Wonderful which really enhances your professionalism is the ad spacing gizmo, which allows you insert space between ads, making them look and work better. We as a society mastered the automatic transmission. It's time to get a handle on the spacing tool. See Lil Nyet for an example of how spacing allows a six ad cluster to work.
Another is the feature allowing you to email all you advertisers prior to canceling an ad. It saves your advertisers from having to visit your ad again to see if the cancellation was short, or whether you've quit hosting ads, or what. The control is next to the cancel button on the Your Ads section.
Royal Trumpets, Please...
The Crown Prince, a title which stands out for its setting and theme more than most, has just passed 200 strips, and invites all to visit. The press release doesn't say anything about finger food and drinks, but it's a castle, innit? An accessible comic worth checking if you don't know it. Beware the Duke. Sample strip up above.
Finally, I am no longer promising Saturday and Sunday posts. Many of the stories I think would interest us the most require a lot of research time, and it will be worth shaving off the most rushed posts of the week if all the others improve. This is not to say there will be no weekend post, only that there might not be and you can stop moving your eyeballs from side to side.
Please make a mental note to visit on Monday. We'll be presenting an interview full of savvy information. No single post makes everyone happy, but this is going to be useful and interesting to many, I think.
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