Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Rebirth of a Favorite Collective

You may remember the cautionary tale of Comic of the Month, reminding us that not owning our site means someone can pull the plug. The site vanished out from under the members without warning, but they've always been a chipper bunch, and they got right on to building a new site.

They are now called InkSpot Comics, and though parts of the site are under construction, they have a lot of functionality, including a forum. They seem to have held onto virtually all their members, an impressive testimony to the group.

They always had one of the more interesting forums in Comicdom, easy-going, orderly, helpful and friendly. It's hard to do a good collective, but these cartoonists have the touch. I'm upbeat about their future.

Membership applications will be considered upon completion of the new site, with an eye toward filling two vacancies in the preferred roster of 15, according to spokesperson JHorsley3.