Monday, October 20, 2008

Comic of the Month Unplugged

One of my favorite collectives, the spunky and well-mannered Comic of the Month, had the plug pulled on their server. This apparently followed a dust-up between someone and someone else, with the latter person having the power to do this.

In case the person sees this, I would like to suggest they make arrangements to transfer the site to its members. Shutting it off might have been a highly effective way to muzzle an unwanted loudmouth, but it was a rough way to treat the members.

They are regrouping, and may prefer to start fresh under local ownership and a new name. I can't blame them, and I'll keep you informed.

Most collectives don't work, or don't work well. People inquiring about openings are generally pleased with my suggestion list, and reported favorably on COTM even if they didn't join. 

I believe that the next version is likely to be even better, and I wish all the members well.


A note to the gentleman sending many letters accusing me of censorship and breach of journalistic ethics because I have not printed his screeds: Just because they haven't been printed yet doesn't necessarily mean they won't be printed at all. Feel free to keep writing, including the creatively named fictional writers who by some miracle are aware of one another's existence.