Friday, November 21, 2008


Looking for a quality collective for possible affiliation? December 1 Spider Forest Collective will be accepting applications.... Sometimes print folks send me a press release, not realizing I am enslaved to web comics. Usually I sell them abroad as discount screen savers, but this new comic Masks, from Septagon Studios is intriguing. You can read up on it and see previews at the site... Some authors send me news of their doings fully aware that I can't make a story out of it, but when someone names a comic Defenestrator, it's worth a mention (It sounds like something by a Judas Priest parody band). See it at Peroxide.... If you read any European languages other than English, and would like to read comics in that language, check out the growing foreign language archives at Psychedelic Treehouse. We've even got some Russian ones! And if anyone can positively identify the mystery comic language under "K," please advise. It looks like Finnish and sounds like click beetles but I'm not certain. Foreign Language Comics ... The Daily Cartoonist has announced a significant change to its Wednesday webcomic update feature. It will now be sent via Twitter. "Since most of those in the webcomic crowd already use Twitter," Publisher Alan Gardner writes, spoiling hundreds of reputations, "it’s a much faster means of publishing."... News from WebcomicsCollage: The site is now 100% free. It started out free for one year with a $3 fee toward expenses for subsequent years, but that fee will be eliminated, reports owner Jay. They are also holding a logo contest with a cash prize -- read about it at the site... Kidjutsu is an online comic anthology for kids. You'll recognize some titles already participating, and Pug and I have accepted an invitation to include our title Scratchin Post in the line-up. They are always on the look-out for the right material, and they pay... Siluette is a Hungarian comic with yet another approach to making sequential art if you are short on drawing skills, or just don't like drawing.