Friday, August 8, 2008

Webcomic Blog Developments

Scott from Australia has resumed publishing Zhi, apologizing for a lengthy hiatus. ArtPatient is now on the functional webcomics blog list, and Webcomic Finds has resumed a casual reviewing pace after a three year break. I'm going to have to get to know Scott, but Delos from Art Patient and Ping from Webcomic Finds are outstanding reviewers (much better than me).

Speaking of reviews, I'm a believer that good ones should be archived somewhere. They don't accept them on the Wikis, so I started an archive on Psychedelic Treehouse. At first it was a place to park my own stuff where it could be easily found, but I am inviting reviewers and interviewers to send their best material for inclusion in the archive. Writer and source will get full credit and a link, plus masthead credit, of course, and anyone who has second thoughts later can withdraw. Contact me if you have original material and would like to participate.

Rob Howard is transferring his blog, Tangents, to a new site, and hopes to be back in shape pretty soon. You can access a lot of his site through a backup link in the mean time.

If this is the only webcomic blog you visit, check out the others. The list is in the right column. We all have our down days, but you can usually find some interesting stuff. If you have a comic, why not link to your favorite? We don't get many forms of support, so gestures like that are appreciated.