Tuesday, July 15, 2008

You Try to do the Right Thing...

I draw your attention to this interview with Platinum Studios President Brian Altounian.

I sympathize with the financial challenges involved in launching a company, because I've done it. I also sympathize with the fact that others can spew all sorts of garbage about your firm, and you have to remain polite and composed at all times. It is indeed difficult to endure people who speak with confidence about things they know nothing about.

My own interest lies with the discussion of D.J. Coffman. When you cut through the legalese and read what was said and by whom, my opinion is that Coffman was gracious and respectful and Platinum was sneaky and contemptuous. If Brian Altounian wonders why his firm has made enemies in cyberspace, this is the reason.

The commentators I have read are fully aware that returning rights for Heroes by Night to D.J. Coffman would be a magnanimous act. There was a little rending of garments in sympathy for Coffman, prompted mostly by the pay issue, but no one I saw accused Platinum of thievery. 

What really set off the hostility was a memo from Platinum, printed by Fleen, telling Coffman, in venomous tones, that rights were off the table. The opportunity for magnanimity was exchanged for a lawyerly kick to the gut.

This time I remembered journalistic best practices, and submitted a set of questions to Platinum to present their side. I received a quick response, saying answers would be forthcoming, then nothing. Today I received an email asking if I received their email and referring me to the interview on the Platinum blog. Of course, even if there really was a response it was now old news, so I guess I got jerked.