Monday, July 7, 2008

Old Black and Whites Coming to the Web

Indy print comics from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle era are becoming available again, this time via the web.

Mark Poe and Freazie White, Jr. will be remembered by some for early 90s titles like The Humants. With a new web site, Mega Comics, they are re-leasing work from the black-and-white boom era.

I still recall a puzzled comic shop owner remarking to be back in 80s, "You like them black and whites, huh?" I did indeed. There was gold in them thar hills.

I am not familiar with the titles offered by Mega, which are to include Project: New Man, The Khosmotic Conjunction and The Quantum Mechanics. But I think it's worth noting when veterans of indy publishing decide their future is on the web. You can read their story in detail on their site.

I'm all for print-to-web migration. In my opinion, too many web comics look "webby," meaning you can see technological fingerprints all over them. I hope pre-digital examples will help influence more of the younger artists to avoid relying on tools over technique.

I do note that some comics couldn't exist without digital tools, and it's not them I'm after. It's the ones that feign an old school style without old school mastery that wear me down.