Sunday, July 6, 2008

Shotgun Interview #5: Malachi Sharlow of RedMask

Malachi Sharlow's RedMask, a highly 
original science fiction/fantasy saga.

Q: What web comic (not by a friend) do you think deserves wider attention, and why? 
A: Hmm. Y'know, I would say Rice Boy, but that actually seems to have become pretty popular. Sadly, I'm not really on the cutting edge of indie webcomics (a bit of redundancy, really) so I'm not really aware of too many unheard of gems.

Q: Is there a web comic you are always excited to read, the minute it updates?
A: The Adventures of Dr. McNinja. Always entertaining.

Q: What web comic by someone you know would you recommend?
A: No one I know actually makes, webcomics, besides myself and my compatriots at FlavorWhip. Still, I would certainly suggest reading those, especially that RedMask comic. I hear it's /fantastic/.

Q: What blogs do you read?/
A: I don't, actually. Man, I... I think I may be failing at being a twenty-something.

Q: Introduce your work to new readers in a few sentences.
A: RedMask is a mash-up fantasy/sci-fi piece that centers around a collapsing world, an obsessed business tycoon, and two very defective elementals. High Art? No. Entertaining? I sure hope so.

Q: What are your web sites, and what do they offer?
A: I've just got the one (RedMask-Comics) and it offers, um... well, the comic, mainly.

Q: What promotional tools have helped you find new readers?
A: I found Project Wonderful to be really, really useful. It's definitely a spend-money-to-make-money situation, but even a small ad easily tripled my daily hits.

Q: What's the best thing you've recently heard from a fan?
A: A while back someone wrote me to tell me they liked a terrible pop-culture reference I'd hidden rather blatantly in the strip. That made my day.

Q: What's the worst thing about the state of web comics today?
A: I can't seem to figure out the HTML code that makes my webcomic ridiculously, outrageously successful. That should probably be addressed.

Q: What tip would you offer someone launching their first web comic?
A: Make a comic about two guys living in an apartment, playing video games. I hear they're popular.

Q: What merchandise item would you love to offer if the economics allow?
A: Ab action figures, and Motny dolls. Who wouldn't want a little stuffed Motny?

Q: What's new in your life that has nothing to do with comics?
A: Not a damned thing - I've avoided using my website's newspost as a blog to cover up the monstrous, beige-on-beige tedium of my daily life.