Friday, July 4, 2008

Imagine... Webcomics on TV

I mentioned this in a comment yesterday, responding to a comment by Liesl Adams, but I never wrote about it. Since today is Independence Day* in the U.S. and people have plans, I'll turn it into a quick and easy post post.

What if there was a TV show that turned various webcomics into short animated films, the way Rocky and Bullwinkle offered about a dozen different accompanying titles? It could be called "Webcomic Shorts," and would build interest in webcomics while giving popular shorts a chance at their own show.

MTV, Comedy Central, Nick... are you listening?

I can't be the first to think of this, but since it hasn't been done I'll act like I am. Someone reading this is only one or two degrees of separation away from a sympathetic TV executive.  

Pass it on.

Meanwhile, Happy Independence Day to all. I can't tell you the relief I feel not having 
Elizabeth II breathing down my neck.

Print out some of your favorite webcomics and stick them under people's windshield wipers when you go to see fireworks.


* If, like me, you celebrated Canada Day by locating Canada on a map, I will give you a hint: Independence is in Missouri.