Saturday, July 12, 2008

ComicSpace Design Debut

What I interpret to be a prototype of the home page for the new ComicSpace is up on Talk About Comics.  I'm not going to link to it because I don't want to look at it.

I find it soulless, garish, old internet, poorly balanced and having plenty to say about geometry but nothing about comics. The fonts are awful. What was the inspiration? Ventilation panels on a PC? A beehive? 

WebComicsNation and the original ComicSpace were never design masterpieces, and they look shabby today. I figured that in building what should be the premier destination for comic hosting, design would match function. If that's so, it's not looking good for function.

I stopped posting on WCN months ago, because the site is so slow.

I'm disappointed, because I saw this coming but was in no position to say anything. People who deploy bad design once tend to repeat offend. I couldn't understand, with the wealth of talent available, why there was no buzz in the comics community about this high profile assignment.

Well, it might have been good money after bad. I constantly monitor the appearance of new webcomics, and more and more they have their own sites. Other big hosts, like Drunk Duck and SmackJeeves, have serious issues with hosting too much low quality stuff. Now that we're minting sites for that market, the question is what percentage of decent comics will decide to double host on their own sites and on the new ComicSpace. Answer: the least profitable, and most mercenary.

ComicSpace needs to slam-dunk the design and the operation to make it. I hope there is time for a re-do.
Disclaimer: Last winter I discussed a venture with a ComicSpace parent entity, with help from Joey Manley. It came to nothing, but I wouldn't hold a grievance and write a critical piece because of it. I still hold Joey in regard and hope for the best.