Monday, June 23, 2008

There Will Be Crud

When are people going to learn how to host forums?

The debacle at EntreCard has produced a crackdown on the most egregious case, but they're still idealistically coddling half a dozen or so who are not worth their carrying cost.

I went through this firsthand on a previous stint and I assure you there will be blood until the idea of an online community is abandoned in favor of a business model where productive members get good service and disruptive dissidents get cropped without warning or comment.

Anyone who is defiant of the notion that a web site is private property and that they can't be banned is dreaming. But the ones who are really misguided are those who think they can reason with people who are smart enough to view themselves as smart, but not smart enough to see how foolish they really are.

Cornhuskers Collective is a good place for comics people to go if they want to be treated like excrement. It's not the Cornhuskers who do it, it's their impotence: outsider juvenile smartasses have taken roost and bait anyone who doesn't lick their boot.

Communes and autopilot web sites do not work, and cause harm to the site and the majority of members.  I regard forums as warning signs when judging a large site, and poorly run forums as the kiss of death. No wonder Cornhusker members publicly express despair about the prospects of their sizable and otherwise promising collective.