Monday, April 7, 2008

Web Comic Logo Art

I'm interested in web comics logos as a minor art form.

Tom Brazelton's Theater Hopper is a great example.

Since I've already built up a fairly presentable gallery of web comic collective logos, it was an easy slide to become interested in logos for particular comics. I'll host it at my web site Psychedelic Tree House.

Comics creators can send me their logos, making sure to mention the comic and artist as appropriate. Readers are welcome to recommend good ones to me. Yes: I will try to hot link to the comic. 

Logos can't be just words and colors. There has to be relevance in the art. Banner ads don't count as logos.

I've parked a bit of art from my web comic next to Tom's logo to keep it company, but that's really a character guide and not a logo. We have yet to make one for Scratchin Post.

Maybe some of you can mention my archiving impulse in appropriate forums or other venues.

My email is near the top of the right hand column. Or, use comments if appropriate.

I'm gratified to note that my reader count continues to rise. Thank you for spending part of your day with me.