Sunday, April 6, 2008

"Gods and Undergraduates" by Monica Gallagher

Image © Monica Gallagher

I am greatly enjoying Monica Gallagher's Gods and Undergraduates. I know it's been on the web for awhile and already has three print editions out, so I won't go on about the tight story and art.

What I don't understand is why it doesn't show up with other long-form, color stories, like Dresden Codak or Girl Genius, in the popularity contests I see. Could it be the cleavage factor?

The women in G&U are believable in personality and attitude. There are no hot sexy shots, or super-buxom profiles.

The men, however, could hold their own sitting in the audience of a Chippendales show. It's a good thing I'm brimming with self-confidence, or I might have been put off.

Perhaps we have a little role reversal. How's it feel to read a story where the guys are sex objects? It's not quite that simple, but you get my point.

I really don't know how the comic is performing, but I hope this orientation isn't damping it. I am bored of sexuality being gratuitously slathered over everything from cars to french fries. I'd much rather date a Monica Gallagher woman than any of these just-slaying-a-dragon-in-my-negligee babes.

P.S. Monica Gallagher is the rare comic artist who visits blog posts about her work but fails to acknowledge them in any way.