Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I Want You to Try my Web Comic

After reading this, go to Scratchin Post.

My web comic is deeply hilarious, witty and intelligent. My wife's art is clean, distinctive and often beautiful.

There are a few other things about it that you should know. There are plot devices that hang some people up, but which are easily explained.

The two blue cats are Russians -- Russian Blues, specifically, a rare and beloved breed.

Their names are Katrinka and Natasha, and they are sisters. Both immigrated to Scratchin Post, USA, and speak with Russian accents and temperaments.

Trixie, the daft brown Labrador who is our heroine, is under the impression that Katrinka is a "little grey dog" named Kevin, and that "Katrinka" is Russian for Kevin.

Trixie's invitation to cohabit has given Katrinka access to a much posher life than Natasha, who sits in her grim studio apartment with her one-channel TV and holds down a job as a cafeteria lunch lady.

Though all this is made clear in stories that have been written, they are not yet online.

With this cleared up, you can now enjoy the stories. You can get in early, while there are only four episodes online, and repeat this briefing to those who slept late, demonstrating your erudition and ability to launch trends.

Pug and I have been in comics far too long to hit you with a crap comic. We developed this one over three years. Get inside it, and join the excitement.