Sunday, March 23, 2008

The Russian Sense of Humor

To assist with the appreciation and dissemination of comics originating outside of English-speaking regions, I would like to see explanations of the humor sensibility of their creator's people.

As a Russian-British American, I can assist with Russia. Russians see themselves as a people with a deep ingrained tradition of humor, which might be surprising to some.

To enjoy Russian comics and literature, you must know that Russian humor is rueful. The bulk of Russian comics are not being translated, but I present the strip above as a specimen.

A great Russian writer, less known than the giants, is Mikail Zoshchenko. He's beloved to Russians as perhaps their foremost humorist.

The Russians in my own comic -- Katrinka, Natasha, Lava Beria and the others -- may become more accessible if you understand the tone of Russian humor. Get to know them at Scratchin Post.

If you speak Russian, visit Comics. Ru.  for more Russian comics. There are also a couple of strips in English.

Illustration  © Журнал "АРБУЗ"