Monday, February 25, 2008

Sleestaks as a Dating Tool

Top: Rank-and-file Sleestaks with their piss-poor crossbows.
Below: Season one gets four stars on Amazon, for those who wonder what they missed.
Below: A blogger calling himself "Sleestak" apparently supports my Sleestak awareness dating strategy.
Bottom: Enik and the Marshalls examine Enik's Sharper Image Executive Desk Pendant.

Sleestaks were the first monsters I learned to draw, and populated the comics I drew in junior high.

They came to us via the live action Saturday morning adventure show Land of the Lost.

Most of the villains in my work back then were based on teachers and administrators of our unruly middle school, as well as my enemies in the student body. The shuffling, "my blood hasn't warmed up yet" Sleestaks made ideal henchmen for them, as they were even dumber than their masters.

The Sleestaks had their Aristotle in the form of Enik, who spoke English and wore a sparkly vest. But Enik collaborated with the humans, creating political tensions.

There was a period of my life when I judged whether I should ask a girl out based on her knowledge of Sleestaks and her appreciation of them as a humor source. With careful selection of the TV reference, this fabulous technique could probably be extended to any era.