Monday, February 25, 2008


Above: Nadia finds her way in Ramon Perez' Kukuburi.
Images copyright Ramon Perez. Click to enlarge.

Now is a great time to jump onto Ramon Perez' Kukuburi, as it started in August and an enjoyable hour's reading will bring you current.

The art is comfortable as Nadia bikes to work, not realizing she is about to plunge into a phantasmagoria. Joining her is a motley alliance, associates of her pet chameleon, and, of course, a villain.  Perez' art shows a vigorous imagination.

I must have looked at 50 lousy comics to find this one. Good newer stuff arrives and is slow to be discovered. Mining for winners is hard work but it still uncovers dynamite comics. I've got some in my blog pipeline I can't wait to share.