Friday, February 15, 2008

"365" Projects, Part Two

Quick refresh: A "365" project is when a person makes or does something -- and publicly records their progress -- every day for a year. My first post on the phenomenon appeared yesterday.

Last time we had still images and audio bites. Stefan Bucher makes video tenable for harried browsers by recordeding in fast motion. His project is drawing monsters. He begins with a Rorschach-like ink blot, and a surprising tension builds as he rotates the paper, considering his options. Most readers will join me in seeing the initial image of Monster 148 as spider-like. I also considered it as a disheveled mop of hair for a Frankenstein's monster. But no -- Bucher perceives it as teeth and proboscis for a creature that exists mostly in his imagination.

The fast motion strips away the restlessness I often experience with "must see" videos. The unexpected and entertaining results build to a "Eureka!" moment that I find exhilarating. Watch in full screen by clicking the square button on the Flash console.

Visit Stefan G. Bucher's Daily Monster and be sure to view #148 to see the difference between competence and genius. Others that end in surprise include #97, which exits the studio, #84, which sees its prey trying to escape, and #120, a deluxe Halloween edition. No surprise that 100 of Bucher's creations have been assembled into a book, and it looks like a fun volume, but watching the videos is indispensable. Happily, a DVD of 100 monster videos comes with the book.

Video copyright Stephen G. Bucher