Tuesday, October 6, 2009

And our Troll is...


Just a former friend from the early days of Twitter who started weirding us out with her erratic behavior. We cut contacts when she started getting scary.

I was able to prove it unequivocally this evening. Yeah, they're all from her: dozens of missives, ranging from polite to deranged, from various genders, stolen identities, nationalities, etc.

I commented just the other day that this blog was being bombarded with troll letters. The problem with mentioning it, in retrospect, is that it points a finger at everybody, so I figured I owe it to people to resolve it.

Yeah, we know the real name, address and all the rest, but there's no axe to grind. Now others are free to comment critically without falling under a cloud of suspicion.

The problem with these people, who often turn out to be quite bright, is that they forget their fairy tales. Trolls, you see, are stupid.

Next comes the Big Tantrum, but I'll leave that to someone else to print.