Sunday, August 16, 2009

Two Interesting Comics

  Because I've had this blog for a while, people still send me stuff to look at, or write to me about another matter and I subsequently discover their work.

  Here are two recent arrivals I find noteworthy:

  Hard Graft is a realistically drawn black and white with suspenseful writing. Don't dismiss it just because it's black and white, even if you are a color die-hard.

  Scrap Paper Comics is about a dog's adventures in Western Civilization, vaguely in the Commander McBragg tradition. It demonstrates that cultural references scattered over decades are more enjoyable and stimulating than comics that focus on yesterday's buzz.

  Early episodes, drawn with traditional art supplies, date back to the 90s, and the author, Patrick William Bobillo, has now gone digital and brings new episodes on line weekly.

  Hard Graft is written by UK's Peter Vine and illustrated by Argentina's Germán Erramouspe. It's a Sage Collective member.

  I think people who make everybody feel grand by gushing about all the wonderful things happening in webcomics are overstating the case. This is probably due to underexposure to really, really good comics (about which most webcomics people are functionally illiterate) and a dose of the hype-1 virus.

  When I find comics that are quietly and modestly doing interesting, distinctive work, it's worth cranking up the blog machine and passing them along.