Wednesday, July 22, 2009

P.S. July 22 is "Liberation from Webcomics" Day

This is from Scott Kurtz's Twitter posts, sent by a friend and obviously referring to this blog in a delusional state:

I think @krisstraub and I forced a man to quit webcomics. I'm proud. Proud of what we've acomplished.Could it be that all along, the problem is that Kurtz just can't read? One marvels at the prospect of him and Kris Straub scratching their brows and asking why critics pick on them, missing the IQ points needed to get through a blog post. Here I thought they just couldn't take the heat, but in Kurtz's case, he really may be too dumb too understand.

In case anyone else was unclear, we are not quitting comics online. We are exiting the quagmire that is the webcomics scene, as epitomized by walking caricatures like Kurtz.

Face it, friends. "Webcomics" and people like Kurtz are albatrosses around your neck, and the webcomics scene is for dreamers with no idea of what it takes to succeed in the real world. While it's preferable that many participants stay right here in quarantine, the rest of us no longer have to carry your baggage. We were hesitant about joining, we received counsel from others who split advised against, we checked everything out, and it didn't impress.

If you're proud of your failure, Mr. Kurtz, go ahead, live it up and embarrass yourself and your colleagues. Sometime, when you're in a confident mood, ask them what they say about you behind your back.