Monday, May 25, 2009

WordPress for Webcomics

I'm always at a disadvantage when writing about WordPress since I don't use it myself, but I know an awesome set of help-and-idea articles when I see one. I think anyone using WordPress will benefit from reading this four-part series in Smashing Magazine.

People who should read this especially include anyone on WordPress/ComicPress who has a site that looks like a clone of other WordPress sites. I'm aware that people's motives for making webcomics vary, and that not everyone seeks to be a professional, but if you do, then a basic canned template site will only suffice as an interim solution.

The series covers:
  • Tips for improving WP as a CMS (Content Management System)
  • 25 Example Sites
  • 40 "CMS-enabling" WP plug-ins
Keep in mind, we have a webcomic creator/how-to blogger who does know WordPress: Kez . (Scroll down to see topics by category and date.) Of course, many WP users will trade tips with you, and there are plenty of them out there.