Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Cheat Sheets

I've given up on having the entire internet carved on a grain of rice, so I've become an enthusiast of cheat sheets. These have nothing to do with making a tiny Italian man jump into culverts; they are super-condensed, frequently desired information, often about common software like Photoshop. The good ones are so handy, I've been passing them on to anyone wanting all their internet knowledge to fit easily into a box of Cracker Jack.

The latest find is for designers. Anyone with a web site is confronted with design issues, so you can either use this to improve your skills, or offer it in lieu of payment to the designer you hire (leave the car running). It's from Six Revisions, and it's called 40+ Cheat Sheets for Designers .

Rock, Paper, Cynic is still a little erratic, but in an unpredictable, fun way. It's new, it's finding its way. But sometimes I see things in a young comic that speak well of its future. I don't usually point out typos to people, since it usually results in recriminations and beatings, but I saw a small error that any copy blind*** artist might miss, and I dropped a line. What did I get for my trouble?

A gracious letter, a week of hosting for half a dozen ads for my sites, some good "getting acquainted" chat and a general feeling that there are good people lurking in the new titles lists, and that many of them are likely to do future work that easily exceeds their best work now. Maybe that's how it should be, but when you've seen as much stagnation as I have, you sometimes have doubts.

* Rock, Paper, Cynic is much older than I realized when I posted this. I must have read something wrong, or have brain parasites.

Also, you're not going insane. I deleted the two middle paragraphs. A reader pointed out they weren't up to the usual standards, and I agreed. Really, the whole piece is rushed and suffers for it, but it's history now.