Friday, January 2, 2009

Kidjutsu's Comic Reader

Besides its home page, our comic Scratchin Post appears in Kidjutsu , a website where kids can read comics online for free. There are over 100 titles participating, including Dreadnought: Invasion Six , Inverloch and Wings of Nibonet. 

Kidjutsu has developed an impressive Flash reader for comics. I'm asking readers to sample it by clicking on  Scratchin Post catalog one, below. (It will open in full screen mode. Use ESC to close it.) Kidjutsu is interested in hearing reactions, because making the reader available to webcomics at large is under consideration.

If you could use comments to reflect on whether an embeddable reader like this would be useful to you and your readers, and would be something you would be interested in putting on your web site, that would be awesome. I'm sure sincere comments are desired, so don't feel pressure to report a particular way.

You needn't read the stories to experience the speed of the reader. In fact, you can be in, out, and commented in a couple of minutes. Feel free to post questions, too. I turned off the Captcha letter scramble to make commenting easy.

Thanks for helping out. It's great to be able to tap the expertise of our readership for a worthy cause and product analysis.