Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Webcomics 1.0

Ever think of ending the year with a "top comics" list? Better yet, ever wonder what such a list will look like in ten years?

I not sure how old this one is, since it's been programmed to display today's date. At least five years, since one of the titles stopped updating that long ago.

And what a trip it is. Visits to locations like Tripod and GeoCities, Web 1.0 design and a slew of comics that seem out of a time capsule-- plus Superosity, now a decade old. One comic shares the site with the 1971 Sears Catalog, a garage sale find presented for its quaintness. The author didn't anticipate that today there are people looking at her site that way.

Some of them are still going! Jenny and her backpack fill the holes left by some that died, but some updated yesterday. They all have the 12K modem awareness that led to most of them being tiny by current standards. I usually have to dive deep to find older comics I've not heard of, but I don't recognize most of these, and people are still making some of them.

Check out this one about Y2K. It turns out they were right all along, it just didn't happen until this summer when the economy refused to reboot:

Click to see all four frames. It defied being resized.

I'd be interested to hear if these are more familiar to you than to me, and whether you have encountered their authors on the web.

Also, Happy New Year to all readers and to your favorite characters as well.