Thursday, November 27, 2008

A Very Google Thanksgiving

Imagine this.

You're gathered around the Thanksgiving table. Uncle Jethro has had too much to drink, and begins repeating common myths about Search Engine Optimization.

Prepare yourself now for this disaster by watching this very short slide show. A nugget of valuable information posted in an otherwise incomprehensible Google blog post about a Halloween party, scroll down 3/4 to the top show, by John, and click through it. It's more a list of informational tidbits than beach photos from Atlantic City, so try not to be disappointed.

Now, You are Google and Uncle Jethro is the typical rumor-repeating SEO blogger. Normally, you'd glom a drumstick and knock him cold, but since you're peace-loving Google, what do you do?

You wait several weeks, put up a blog post about your Thanksgiving gathering, and bury the information 3/4 down the page.