Thursday, November 13, 2008

To Change the Mood a Little...

Here are a couple of comics when you need of a change of mood:
nemu nemu is a cute comic that isn't nauseating, like bad cute work can be. Oh, I suppose a real curmudgeon could find it too cute, and grumble, but a lot of people can use it when they need a cheer-up. Spouse collaborators Kyubikitsy and Kimonostereo know how to be sweet. It's not just the candy, it's the flavor. I always feel better after I read this comic. View it now, before the FDA requires a doctor's prescription.
Busybee Comics, by fluffy, are wacky, weird and wonderful, like drug store candy before they banned all those chemicals. Fluffy has an art style all her own, helping you feel like you're reading a tale from a different universe. It's a big archive, and periodically the story and style change abruptly. The "pernicious" sequence is especially good. Occasionally kinky in ways that were new to me. As a long time reader of The Stark Fist of Removal and Viz I thought I'd seen it all.
Speaking of spouse collaborators, I don't know of many in webcomics, though there are quite a few where one partner manages the business affairs. Can you add to this list of artistic spouse collaborators?
Kyubikitsy & Kimonostereo of nemu nemu
The Foglios of Girl Genius
Drew and Natalie Dee of the Toothpaste for Dinner/Married to the Sea family of comics
Mithandir and Alien of Chasing the Sunset
and of course, Pug and me do Li'l Nyet and Scratchin Post