Tuesday, November 4, 2008

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Taking a break to collect my thoughts, and waiting for final word regarding a fairly intense story which I may or may not print. Regulars excluded, there's just too many scaredy-cats and I don't enjoy writing for them.

How do I know? I was looking at analytics last night, and I saw my profile of the Bomb Shelter Comics thugs was my most linked-to story of late.

You sickos. What do you do? Re-read it? The guy is messed up, but it's not a freak show.

I write well-researched stories about how to improve your comic, and you want to read about Sean Colchieri. You, his peers, should have stopped him running amok in the first place. And now he's whimpering that his name is on the internet and he may have trouble getting work -- as a teacher. You obviously know the story -- that doesn't make your blood run cold?

Yes, I appreciate the mail and the steady support of most regulars, but you're outnumbered by people who once read the Weekly World News. And now that I know what they do want to read, I don't want to write it.