Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tough Questions About Webcomics

The Web Comic List is a good forum for serious discussions. I could go on about the management and other weak spots, but what really matters is that there are many thoughtful webcomics creators there who try to answer hard questions.

I have two threads going there that might interest readers here. Even if you aren't a member, don't care to join and don't answer, you might enjoy reading the threads.

One is an opinion census, about the numbers of webcomics and readers there are. It was inspired by the other question, in which I noticed from answers that many respondents feel comics are competing for readers. 

In the other question, I asked people who would like to be semi-pro or pro webcomics authors what the biggest business obstacles facing them seem to be.

There are already good posts, easily as interesting as anything you'll read here, and even the occasional error doesn't void much of what some offer.

If you're not a TWCL member and don't care to join, but would like to share your own responses, use comments, below. Just make clear what you are answering, because at the end I hope to average some of the data to see what it yields.

You can go direct to the TWCL post with these links:

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