Thursday, October 9, 2008

Pardon the Interruption of Regular Posts

To those who think it's OK to interfere with other people, to whine, to insult, to snipe, to flame, to pretend you are in a feud, to write reckless and ill-informed blog posts: an open letter.
Coming to my mailbox seeking forgiveness, out of the public eye, is cowardly.
Painting the problem as being of mutual cause is kidding yourselves. I have a long record of support of your sites. I have made myself readily available for consultation, lest a misunderstanding go needing repair.
When I screw up, I retract the error and apologize in public. Try it, gentlemen.
And if this post angers you, just imagine how embarrassed I am to be part of a community where grown men must be offered instruction in civilized behavior. And don't do it unless your words come from within, for apologies by force are meaningless. I am willing to wait years, but until you get it sorted out, step with care.
I can't estimate my public apologies for my errors, but I have not regretted them. What I lack in diplomacy, I make up in bluntness: risk personal growth.