Thursday, October 30, 2008

Google to Email Users with Security Issues

(Above) Sample security advisory email
Google is starting a service alerting webmasters to potential security weakness in their content management systems. The first outreach will be to users of outdated Wordpress edition 2.1.1., according to Google Webmaster Blogspot.
The messaging system is a free part of Google's Webmaster Tools service, so if you are a member, you're all set. Webmaster Tools is a logical next step after committing to Google Analytics, offering information about your linking, your pages with search problems and other services.
People using recent editions of WordPress needn't fret. The first mail will go to users of 2.1.1, which is known to be vulnerable. Considering that 2.6.2 is current, it's time for users of old editions to upgrade. Google will ramp up the program gradually to include greater numbers of users and more types of CMS.

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