Monday, October 13, 2008

Frumph Site Blows Privacy Test

Phil "Frumph" Hofer, apparently alarmed that his mistreatment of people is going to land him in the media, has been bombarding me with mail of all the usual sorts: you need medical help, you have no proof, you're crazy, and the classic: I failed to read your letter but I'm going to write you anyway.

I noticed that Frumph turned on me during a time when I was using the "private" email on his site. I may have shared on observation that didn't fit his self-image, because after that, despite all the unacknowledged help I gave him launching his site, he became unpleasant.

So I thought I'd test the email system today, when he started writing me. I wrote the beginnings of a letter, followed by a bunch of made up quotes saying things against Phil. I let that stew a bit, then erased the quotes and finished the letter.

Here is what arrived moments later. It's by far the most grown-up in a series of self-defeating letters:

"...I suggest seeking professional help with whatever is going on that gives you this paranoia that everyone is out to get you. As well as a little help with those imaginary friends you say you have telling you things about people being mean to you."

To me, it could be chance, but I lean toward spying. It seems unlikely that he would react to the idea of third parties making quotes against him within minutes of my creating, then deleting, a fictitious report of same.

Conclusion:  Use the Frumph site email at your own risk. I was already suspicious of spying from earlier events. I would no longer trust any aspect of the site, and what's the point? There's nothing there for anyone, and the contest he acquired (about which he becomes angry when I ask for details of how he got it) is effectively a joke in the hands of a likely spy and bully.

Perhaps another day I'll tell you about the contest judges. That's a colorful story. There are so many outstanding performances by internet creeps this week that it's hard to choose which to tell next.

P.S. Since this was written, this site has been flooded with Frumph advertisements, apparently his way of getting in our face. The six cents I stand to gross is mighty tempting, but I think I will not sell out. I'll pocket the money and continue this series.

Oh, and an addition to my list of red flags signifying faulty logic: The person hounds you in private, but tells his public he is "ignoring the drama." I think there should be a special Kawaii Prize for that maneuver, because it is the cutest of the hypocrisies.

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