Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Drunk Duck Awards Winners 2008

It's wise not to blur the users of a community with the management, especially when the users, on their own, become networked, organize their own annual awards and do a great job of managing the whole affair. I know a lot of people worked hard to make the awards happen, but it was Amanda of the cheeriest personality on the planet, who brought them to my attention and helped me understand the particular pleasures that many comickers find on Drunk Duck, and how they interact.
That's why I enjoy reporting the Drunk Duck Awards -- it gives you a chance to see the people and their work showcased. If ever there was a legitimate reason to have awards, exposing this segment of comicdom to everyone else is it.
It's also got a cool science fiction flavor. Comicdom is somewhat segmented and the parts don't always mingle, so this is like one of those "counter earth" stories, only you can really visit it. You can tell which planet you're on by the color of the ducks.
You'll recall I printed the nominees in August. Here are the winners. 
Note: You may not be allowed to view adult material unless you are a site member.

Best Abstract Comic: Brainfuzz

Best Action Scenes: Scorch

Best Adult Comic: Xolta

Best Adventure Comic: The Dreamer

Best Antagonist: Dr. Argon of Villain Next Door

Best Anthropomorphical Comic: What You Don’t See

Best Autobiographical Comic: Pictures of You

Best Backgrounds: Shades

Best Black and White Art: Opey the Warhead

Best Color Art: Dark Rising

Best Community Project: Drunk Duck Zombies

Best Dialogue: Simply Sarah

Best Digital Art: The Dreamer

Best Experimental Comic: Locoma

Best Fantasy Comic: Para Ten

Friendliest Drunk Ducker: SkoolMunkee

Funniest Drunk Ducker: TIE! LeFarce and GhostRunner

Most Helpful Drunk Ducker: OzoneOcean

Best Horror Comic: Manifestations

Best Humor Scenes: Last Place Comics

Most Improved Comic: Used Books

Best Layouts: Rainbow Carousel

Best Manga: Blue

Best Mystery Comic: Tales from the Cornerstone

Best Noir Comic: Danielle Dark

Most Deliciously Offensive Comic: Last Place Comics

Best Overall Comic: Simply Sarah

Best Parody or Tribute Comic: Super Temps

Best Photo Comic: Lost

Best Pixel or Sprite Comic: RPJay

Best Political Comic: Taking Stock

Most Profound Comic: Broken

Best Protagonist: Charby from Charby the Vampirate

Best Romantic Comic: The Dreamer

Best Sci-Fi Comic: White Noise

Best Sketch Style: Scorch

Best Slice of Life Comic: Raw Fish

Best Spiritual Comic: Due East

Best Stick Figure Comic: Frank and Vinny

Best Superhero Comic: Super Temps

Best Tense Scenes: Shades

Best Traditional Art: Engine

Best Website Design: Ever Hollow

Best Western Comic: Hades