Thursday, September 25, 2008

My Rotted Mind, Explained

A while ago I had to modify the domain for If you haven't been, it's a site filled with resources for making webcomics. By itself, it's about 200 pages; counting the comics and resources that are linked it must be well over 100,000 pages.
It's actually hard to describe, even for me, the guy who made most of it. It started out as a huge bundle of stuff that turned up when I first set out to understand webcomics, and then I got it organized, and added some novelties and some more serious stuff, and now it sprawls through networking, promotion, tools, hosting, portals, links, collectives, logos...
I've tried to build it so it would be easy to find what you're looking for, but so that there would also be intriguing surprises for those who dig deeper.
I was looking at my Google Webmaster Tools tonight, and I noticed that since the domain adjustment, people are having a hard time finding the site. The difference seems to be the previous name has 3000 links to it, and the current one has about forty. It's enough to push it off the search results main page, which is a shame, because the competition is mostly old, outdated articles and forum posts, not the current stuff people are seeking.
I miss having four or five hundred visitors a day, knowing the site would be helpful to some of them.
If you're in a position to add a link to, I'd be grateful if you did.
If you're involved in webcomics, the odds are good that the site already links to you.
About the name? It reminds me of a boyhood retreat, where I used to beat the heat with a raspberry soda and read comic books. Everything was scavenged, so the structure was a variety of colors.